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Hold a “Free” Unity Conference at Your Church

The Prichard Family Foundation has partnered with Christian Unity Ministries to make our “One Body” Unity Conference available to qualifying churches in South Texas at significantly discounted prices for a limited time.  Fees and expenses for this 5-hour congregational event usually approach or exceed $2,000.  But, thanks to the Prichard Family Foundation’s underwriting of this particular project, we are able to offer this conference to 12 qualifying churches during the 2013 calendar year at practically no costs.

The “One Body” Unity Conference is a fast-paced, engaging and entertaining conference for the entire congregation.  It is interactive, with a variety of small group exercises and features teaching/training from some of the most professional trainers/facilitators in church work today.

If your church is South of San Antonio and has an average attendance of less than 200, it may qualify to have the fees waived and the expenses covered in part.  The only expenses you will pay is the travel/lodging expenses for our presenters to get to your church.  Simply contact us now to inquire!