Community . . . God's Way


What We Do

There are two distinct sides to Christian Unity Ministries:

  • We have a “Reactive” side of our ministry where we come along side churches and Christian organizations who are in a season of unhealthy conflict. Here, we help churches take broken or damaged relationships and, through scriptural processes of reconciliation, put them on track for healing. We help these churches find their way forward through difficult issues and broken relationships. This is much more than just “managing conflict”…this is a process of learning all God has for us in the midst of that conflict.
  • The “Proactive” side of our ministry is the busier side by far! Here, we use conferences, retreats, and training events for the entire congregation or for smaller leadership groups (like staff retreats or deacons retreats), where we teach scriptural values and processes for interpersonal relationships. By teaching Christ-followers to find Christ in one another, we help churches and organizations equip themselves fully for when unhealthy conflict does inevitably come.