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Donor Dinners are a Hit!

Who doesn’t like an evening of catching up with family or friends? At Christian Unity Ministries, we consider our partners and donors to be BOTH, family AND friends; and our first three donor dinners hosted by Blake and Kappie Coffee have been wonderful evenings!

One of the unique aspects of this ministry is that, because we are bringing health and restoration to a variety of different churches and Christian organizations, their missions become our mission! And we love sharing those stories with our donors and partners in a casual, small group setting. After all, none of this work would be possible without these critical partnerships.

Each donor dinner hosts 15-20 donors at the Coffees’ home where those donors mingle with ministry staff and board members around the table. Blake and John (and other staff) get an opportunity to share some of what God is doing in our ministry. It is a terrific evening of friendships, both old and new.

These evenings have also helped our staff a great deal in knowing how to pray for our friends, donors and partners. They have been a small, sweet way for us to say “Thank You”.

So, once again, THANK YOU for your friendship, for your prayers, and for your financial support!