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Church Law Division and COVID-19

Over recent months the Church Law Division of Christian Unity Ministries has provided representation related to COVID-19 to churches across Texas and counsel that has reached attorneys and church leaders across the nation. From the earliest days of the pandemic, our focus has been on reading new Congressional COVID-19 relief legislation and providing helpful, quick, and accurate information about how that legislation affects Christian religious organizations. We have also analyzed and provided information about how each Executive Order from the Governor’s Office affects churches and Christian ministries.

Most recently, we have counseled churches on issues involving resuming in-person worship and child-care, and steps to take as they rethink their summer ministries. A good example of our support to churches in this area is our encouragement to churches to update their existing waiver and indemnity forms to specifically include releases of liability for contracting COVID-19. At the same time, we continue to offer counsel for churches in situations involving employment, contract, tax, property, and administrative law as well as other legal matters.