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5 CONVERSATIONS for Small Groups

2020 has indeed started in a very unusual way and with many unknown components. The pandemic outbreak has influenced all aspects of our lives: morning routines, schools and education processes, work schedules and work itself, being furloughed or completely losing jobs, lunches with co-workers or friends, evening entertainment, family routines, church fellowship and connectivity with the community itself. Quite shocking and uncontrollable.

I love people and fellowship. Losing face-to-face fellowship and staying isolated have been the hardest challenges for me to face in this season. However, I have heard about this Free Resource of 5 Conversations over and over again. Then a question “Why wouldn’t you start your own group?” popped up so loudly. And I dared to try… I invited several friends.

A small group started meeting together using 5 Conversations as a platform to discuss different relationships and share our struggles. Zoom became a perfect tool every week when we could learn together, pray for each other and stay connected during this unknown time. We have all become all-too- familiar with the Zoom screen. I understand it is not our normal way to have fellowship, yet it has been the best outcome of staying connected during this Pandemic. I hope you have a group in Zoom too, if not ‘Why wouldn’t you host one?”

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