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Donor Dinners are a Hit!

Who doesn’t like an evening of catching up with family or friends? At Christian Unity Ministries, we consider our partners and donors to be BOTH, family AND friends; and our first three donor dinners hosted by Blake and Kappie Coffee have been wonderful evenings… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


Meet Tania, Our Newest Staff Member!

It’s getting downright exciting around here! We’re thrilled to introduce our newest staff member, Tania Kaiumova… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


Five Principles of Unity Gets a New Look

This is your “sneak peek” of the brand new look and feel of Five Principles of Unity to be published later this year or early 2019. It will be the same important message of unity among God’s people from it’s original publication almost 20 years ago, but will have an updated look and format for use by a whole new generation of church leaders…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


So Many Aspects of “Church Law”

by John Litzler

As a “church lawyer”, I have a confession to make. There’s not really an area of the law that is considered “church law”. In fact, when it comes to theological beliefs, our judicial system doesn’t want to weigh in on church matters at all. So, why does Christian Unity Ministries call the legal services it provides the “church law division”? And, if there is no such thing as church law, what does Christian Unity Ministries’ church law division do?… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


For Christian Unity Ministries, Mediation Happens in a Variety of Settings

by Blake Coffee

In the broadest sense of the word, “mediation” simply means any facilitated process by which conflicted parties voluntarily explore possible solutions together. “Mediators”, then, are simply professionals who have some level of expertise in helping those parties communicate and explore together. Just looking at the past few months in this ministry, I have been called upon to mediate in a variety of settings and circumstances…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


Our Story

by Blake Coffee

In 1995, I felt a clear and almost overwhelming sense of calling away from my law firm of 10 years, away from a partnership which had been my only significant career goal up to that time, and away from practicing law with some of my very closest friends. It was scary and sad and exciting all at the same time. And it left me with a multitude of questions… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE