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South Africa

We will be taking teacher/facilitator teams back to South Africa this Fall!  Our ministry has strong existing relationships with the Baptist Union there (representing approximately 800 churches) and has new and developing relationships there with several other churches and denominational groups as well.  In short, the window of opportunities and invitations for bringing this message of Biblical unity to churches there is wide open!  So…

WE NEED YOU!  Specifically, we need COMMUNICATORS, who can help teach and facilitate our “Five Principles of Unity” material in churches there….and we need CONNECTORS who can help create and facilitate small groups around our material and can engage new friends in South Africa and connect them to our ministry…and we need JOURNALISTS who can travel with us and document this trip through images and videos and can help tell the stories of this trip.

Our team members each raise their own funds for their travel.  We can help you with that!  We typically stay in homes of dear, dear friends and families in the churches where we work.  We will have some teams going for one week and some going for two weeks.

Come with us, and experience spring time in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet!  Come with us and help us serve God’s people there!  Come with us and help us be good stewards of this amazing message of unity!

Interested?  Click on the “International” video, below.

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