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Can You Handle the Truth About Your Church’s Conflict?

Tuesday Re-mix –

I’m a bit of a movie buff, I’ll admit.  It’s been over 20 years since I’ve seen a movie with an “R” rating, so I have definitely missed a few otherwise good movies since then.  Nevertheless, I’ve seen plenty of great ones.

My favorite “lawyer” movie?  That’s a tough one for me because there have been some really great ones.  12 Angry Men, The Verdict, The Juror…to name a few truly great ones.  But my favorite single cross-examination scene is a no-brainer: Tom Cruise cross-examining Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. (I apologize for the profanity at the very end of this clip…I do not endorse that portion of it, nor do I know how to edit it out).  Remember this scene?


So often in church conflicts, one side or the other (or both) fight under a banner that says, “We just want the truth to be told.”  Maybe you have been a part of that group before.  It seems right enough.  After all, only a guilty party would be against telling the truth, right?  “We just want the truth told about the pastor.”  “We just want the truth told about that group of people.”  “We just want the truth told about us.”  Etc., etc…you get the picture.  But here is what I have learned about pretty much every church fight (including yours): there is the very shallow truth involved in your particular issue, and then there is a much deeper, more profound, larger truth about your conflict.  And in so many cases, a church either cannot or will not handle that larger truth.

The larger truth about your church’s conflict is an ugly truth about the relationships in your church.  They are not what God wants them to be.  The larger truth is, …