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What type of prayer preparation is needed?  We recommend calling your church to pray for this conference at least one month out from the conference itself.  We also would like to have an hour or so of prayer time and further information for all of your church leadership the night before the conference.  This pre-conference prayer meeting should include all staff, deacons, elders, vestry members, committee chairs, bible study teachers, ministry team leaders, and anyone else (and his/her spouse) who holds any leadership position at all in the church.

What is the time frame and format?The conference is fast-paced and interactive.  It is a total of approximately 5 hours of actual conference time.  The presenter(s) use a combination of speaking, Power Point, white board illustrations, and small-group exercises.  Participants will use their Bibles as well as a pre-printed participant’s guide customized for your church.

What type of venue is needed?  The ideal setting has the participants seated around tables, but if that is not possible, the sanctuary or worship center works well also.

What Audio/Visual set-up is needed?  There is a Power Point presentation which will be e-mailed ahead of time to you to make sure it works properly on your system.  We also need the largest white board you can find for use in the presentation.  Finally, each speaker/presenter will need a wireless microphone, if a microphone is needed for your venue.

Who will be on the Unity Ministries “team”?  There will be one lead communicator who will do the majority of the teaching and presenting.  There will also be a “connections” coordinator who will help your people know how to stay connected with Christian Unity Ministries after the conference and who will man a “resources” table at the conference.  Lastly, we may bring a photographer or videographer to document our work there at your church.

What age groups are welcome at the conference?  This conference is well-received by people from age 13 and up.  Your church will want to arrange childcare for the entire conference for children under 13.

What are the costs and expenses?  The conference fee is $1,500 per day plus expenses (which include travel & lodging for two team members, and the costs for the participant’s guides at $5 each).

How does this conference interact with our church’s study of “Five Principles of Unity”?  This conference is an ideal “kick-off” for our more in-depth small group Bible study, Five Principles of Unity.  We recommend doing this conference on the front end of such a study.

Can we record the conference?  Yes.  Audio or video recordings of the conference are permitted.  We ask only that you provide our ministry with a digital copy of the recording.