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What is the time frame and format?  This conference is aimed at church leadership, both lay and clergy.  It is structured around the three most common regrets we hear from church leaders who have come through conflict: (1) we lost sight of relationships and their importance, (2) we didn’t take enough time to build consensus around the issue, and (3) we allowed the congregation to lose its focus.  The conference material covers each of these three segments with a series of small-group exercises and teaching segments.  Very fast-paced and interactive, the conference requires a time frame of approximately 3-4 hours.

What types of “leaders” would benefit from it?  We have used this material with great reception in hundreds of pastors’ conferences, staff retreats, deacon retreats, church council retreats, elders’ retreats, and even with Sunday School leadership.

What are the venue, audio/visual needs for this conference?  It works best around tables, but can be done in any venue where the group can gather in small groups. It uses Power Point.  It also requires the use of the largest white board you can provide.  A wireless microphone would be most helpful, as the presenters do move around while speaking.

What are the costs and expenses?  The conference fee is $1,500 per day plus expenses (which include travel & lodging for two team members, and the costs for the participant’s guides at $5 each).

Who are the presenters?  Blake Coffee, our Exec. Director, is the author of this leadership material and has been working with church leaders as a trainer and coach for approximately 20 years.  Our trainer/facilitators are all professional communicators.